Nature's Intent 

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Nature's Intent LLC has hosted both weekend and day retreats since 2005.  We personally designed our retreats to include silent and guided meditation sessions, nutrition therapy classes, Yoga, personal empowerment/self-improvement sessions, guided hikes, art therapy, and personal retreat time. Amidst all this, we personally developed all meals, snacks and beverages to be therapeutic, cleansing and delicious.  We received rave reviews each and every time!! Please check in with us to see when our next retreat will be.  Rates vary depending on location and duration. 

GROUPS OR BUSINESSES:  Would you like to host a retreat for your group members or staff?  We could design and run the retreat for you!  There is no better way to promote morale, boost productivity and improve both individual and group health and wellness.  CALL FOR DETAILS!  


We firmly believe that the environments in which we live and work can have a great impact on our mood, productivity, health and relationships. Click into the Home/Office tab at the top of the page for more details on this concept or click on this link Home/Office: The size of your space will determine the amount of time it takes for the consult and the cost of your itemized report should you choose to get one.


Some people like to receive a detailed/itemized/personalized 4+ page report to help them on their personal health journey. These are available with or without a consultation.  All reports vary based upon your wants, needs and personal situation.  


​We host these on our own and for groups or businesses.  Our seminars and workshops cover a variety of topics pertaining to health, nutrition, wellness, fitness, Guided Meditation or home/office Interior Alignment.  Our goal is to help empower you to change your life by covering topics that are a mix of forward thinking, cutting-edge, tried-and-true, integrative and more!  Contact us for details or information on upcoming sessions.

GROUPS AND BUSINESSES:  We'll come to your location and do the teaching on the topic of your choice. We provide worksheets and handouts and use visuals and graphics as needed. These are a great way to promote morale, boost productivity and improve overall wellness.                



You'll fill out information-gathering paperwork prior to our meeting so that Nature's Intent LLC can come to the consultation prepared to discuss your personal situation with you.  During the consultation, we'll offer some uniquely individualized suggestions for you.  Think of it as your own personal classroom lesson, so come prepared to take lots of great notes!  We'll also email you an outline of the consultation to which you can add your own notes.  We may also give handouts pertinent to your needs and situation as well.  LONG DISTANCE?  We can work via phone and email!

WE KEEP OUR RATES BETTER THAN COMPETITIVE!  Please contact us for details!

At Nature's Intent, our job is to help empower you through education, guidance and coaching to be more proactive with your health.  A healthcare provider has possibly hundreds of patients, but you only have one YOU. We shouldn't put our entire health and well-being into the hands of someone else.  We need to do much of the work on our own. Only you can control what you do or do not put in your body. Only you can make yourself get up and exercise your body.  Only you can make time to tackle either the stressor or the effects of the stressors in your life.  This is why we emphasize the absolute importance of PROACTIVE HEALTHCARE!   Good health is the reward we receive when we:

  • have a therapeutic relationship with food - eating foods that help prevent disease and keep the body functioning at its optimum level from the cellular level on up.
  • participate in therapeutic movement - exercising regularly so that our muscles, joints and bones as well as our cardiovascular, endocrine and lymphatic systems are strong and can properly perform the tasks they were meant to.
  • take a therapeutic approach to well-being - making time to decrease our stress levels using meditation and relaxation exercises as well as improving the energy in our homes, offices and relationships.  

​How can we help you?  We asked many of our clients to tell us what has worked best for them.  Here are the results:

Our Job:  Supporting the Wellness of Individuals, Groups and Businesses


​For more information on this extremely effective practice, please click into the 'Wellness' tab at the top of the page or on this link Wellness  We firmly believe that each individual holds the key to his/her own good health, healing, change and so forth.  We can guide you through a variety of meditative practices to help you relax so that you can 'heal' what you need to in your life or in your body.  We also provide handouts on how to do this at home or work.

GROUPS OR BUSINESSES:  These sessions are a great way for helping reduce stress and promoting health and productivity. We come to your location!