Nature's Intent 

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​It's simple. Through education, guidance and coaching, we want to help others improve their lives from a "WHOLE-istic" perspective.

In order to be fully healthy, we must improve our Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Spiritual bodies (acronym P.I.E.S) as well as the environments in which we live and work.  At Nature's Intent we want to teach, guide, coach and mentor you to reach new heights in every area of your life.  We believe it can be simple, pleasurable and extremely cost effective to do so because we've seen it happen far too many times to count.  Not for one single client have we ever pushed 'tests' or 'tools' or suggested they meet us over and over again for consultations. All these things bring money into a business, but they can be costly to you in terms of both your time and your hard-earned money.  This in turn may dampen your motivation for change which we do not want to see happen. That is not what we're about. We simply want to help empower you to be your own greatest healthcare advocate in the easiest most affordable way possible for you.  If we truly want to change the world one human at a time, we need to keep you empowered!

It's simple. Nutrition (the most powerful therapy) and other "WHOLE-istic" approaches can enhance our lives phenomenally.

We believe in the therapy of natural food first and foremost for healing, prevention and restoration. We believe supplements play only a small but complementary part in overall wellness.  We believe in the power of our minds and thoughts and believe that redirection can change their impact on our lives.  We believe in the effectiveness of inexpensive, simple, natural approaches to diet, exercise and wellness.  We believe in the Law of Intention and that we hold the key to bringing into our lives what we intend.  We believe in the ability to self-heal.  We believe in all of this because we've seen it happen over and over again for the last 20 years in numerous people.  I, Dianne, personally believe in this because I have experienced it all first hand with my own health over my entire lifetime (you can read my story in the OUR STORY tab at the top).  We believe the only chance we have at not being another poor health statistic in this country is to get educated and proactive with our own health.  Let's get YOU going, too!  

Our Philosophy:

Our Mission:

Our Purpose:  Helping Others Improve Their Lives 

"This country's overall health is in a state of serious decline. This is a time when our HEALING needs to come from our own proactive efforts!  We have a plan, a mission and a purpose - through teaching and empowering - to change that trend!" β€‹