Nature's Intent 

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What are your goals for using Interior Alignment for your home, office, room or yard?

Do you want to enhance your wealth, health or relationships?  Do you want to be surrounded with more positive energy?  Do you want to feel more creative?  Do you want to sell your home for the best price possible in quicker time?  You will be surprised at how significant a role your environment plays in your personal well-being as well as in the attractiveness of your home to others, including potential buyers.  Sometimes just a little change can go a long way.  Contact us for more details!   

Just like the feelings Nature conjures up within us, our interior surroundings should:

  • Be inviting
  • Make us feel comfortable
  • Be visually pleasing
  • Promote a sense of security and peace
  • Encourage positive thoughts
  • Improve mood
  • Enhance our intellectual and creative processes

Interior Alignment blends the arts and sciences of four modalities into one concise and effective program:

Our program helps you create optimum interior spaces that serve your needs and goals in a positive, enlightening way. Interior Alignment also sorts through these modalities to weed out the unnecessary excesses, complexities, exaggerations and redundancies for a simpler, cleaner and more effective outcome, whether you goal is to IMPROVE YOUR LIFE or to INCREASE MARKETABILITY of your home for sale.  

  1. Feng Shui:  placing items, colors, natural elements and shapes to balance energy
  2. Law of Intention:  what you intend for your life is an extremely powerful thing that draws success to you.  Rooms in your home or office can be set up to represent specific intentions. 
  3. Interior Design:  setting up a space to serve a functional and aesthetic purpose that suits your personal needs and desires
  4. Home Staging:  arranging furniture and accessories to please the eye and to improve marketability in the event of selling your home

Working with what you already have:

Our goal is to work with what you have as much as possible rather than have you go out and buy too many new things.  It does not have to be an expensive venture to create spaces you love, but it's guaranteed to be a lot of FUN!!!  It also doesn't need to cost a lot to get your home ready for sale, but the results of good Interior Alignment along with effective Staging can dramatically improve upon the marketability and sale of your home!!!

Interior Alignment:  Improving Work and Living Space Energy