Nature's Intent 

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Optimum health does not exist solely with a proper relationship with food.  Though we at Nature's Intent believe nutrition plays the largest role, other factors must be seriously considered:  exercise, living and work environments, stress, relationships, emotional and mental well-being all contribute greatly to your overall picture of optimum health.  Taking a proactive approach to your health in all areas of your life is critical. Your healthcare provider has possibly hundreds of clients; you only have one YOU. Nature's Intent is designed to help you discover some new and some tried-and-true ways to promote your overall health and wellness in all parts of your life. 

THERAPY is anything that has a healing power or quality to it.  More than anything on this planet, nutrition is the superior therapy; it's been with us since the very beginning of time, and our cells know exactly what to do with it. The human body has phenomenal restorative properties no matter what one's age or condition, and nutrition has the power to sustain our lives, restore our systems and prevent poor health.  We just have to know how to properly use it.  That's what Nature's Intent is all about.  We put our 20 years of experience, research and education to work for you, helping you sift through the numerous fads and theories out there to find what works best for you.


IMAGINE yourself with the healthy body and life you desire and feeling energetic, sharp and blissful. That's the first step to wellness - imagining what you'd like to be and how you'd like to feel! Next, INTEND on being in beautiful shape in your body and life and feeling spectacular physically, mentally and emotionally. That's the second step - sending out the intention that you will be in a great state of wellness! Finally, CREATE what you want and the way you want to feel. This is the final step to wellness - the action phase that brings what you've imagined to real life and what you've intended to fruition.  The purpose of this business is to help YOU CREATE YOU in all areas of your life.


Guiding You Naturally Toward Optimum Health